Week review

Friday I finally went to the new Sephora that opened. I didn’t have a game plan when I went there, only knowing I wanted to get something. Not a good idea. I wandered around for a while trying to figure out what I wanted. I was asked by so many employers if I was doing ok, of course I said yes. I ended up buying Korres concealer and Fairy Drops mascara, which I have been dying to try. I think I also found the concealer I like and will use for a while.

I know going to Sephora and buying things there, I broke my new rule in using only all natural and organic products. And since I started using all organic products, my skin couldn’t be softer, or my hair. I can’t tell you how many shampoos I’ve been through and nothing really worked as well as I thought it did. I’ve been using Neuma shampoo. It’s pricey, it cost me almost $50 for both the conditioner and shampoo but it seriously is good stuff. And for my face I’ve been using Aubrey Organics, my face is soooo soft, it’s taking a while for my acne to clear up but it is clearing up.

I used Proactiv as my face regime and it did work for a few years then my face started to dry up really bad and I started to break out again. I tried using Proactiv’s moisturizers but they really didn’t work. Also as this time I was starting to realize what kind of things are put into the products we use and I stopped using Proactiv. Also it got to be too expensive. What I use from Aubrey Organics is the combination dry skin products and an aminio derm gel (think that’s what it is called) for all skin types. I just started using the gel but it’s been working really good so far. My face is smoother than before. It was never this soft when I used Proactiv.